Aerial Photography

Capturing Imagery From The Air

Whether your showing a commercial property, or a single family home, this is how you stay relevant in an industry that’s highly competitive. Images from unmanned aerial systems show an overview of the property, as well as the condition of the structures and grounds. Win the trust of potential customers by showing them the whole picture.



Drone Videos

Record and Share Your Projects and Events

Promote your business with high quality aerial footage edited professionally the way you want it.  Share your events on social media, DVD, or Blue Ray.  Multiple aerial and ground camera systems available for any sized project.


3D Modeling and Photogrammetry

Providing Critical Actionable Data

Delivering accurate 3D models that can be measured is critical for many different lines of work.  Construction companies, surveyors, and film crews are among the top of the list.  We can provide the data you need to properly plan your next job.  The sample on the right shows a “point cloud” which can be changed to a textured 3D mesh by clicking the symbol that looks like a triangle inside a pentagon.  Right click and drag to change perspective, left click and drag to move the model.  This model was obtained using our current equipment and mapping software by Pix4D.


Virtual tours

Capturing virtual spaces

Virtual tours have quickly risen to the top of the list when it comes to showing properties and interior spaces.  Using state of the art HD 360 cameras, precision imagery can be obtained and processed quickly.  Hosted with cupix, your virtual tour can be embedded into your website with simple code provided to your web designer.  The sample on the left is a sample from cupix. A sample virtual tour using our imaging equipment will be uploaded soon.


About Precision Drone Service

Precision got its start as a PC Repair company in southeast Michigan.  Building trust with good service and fast turnaround Precision quickly rose to the top in the area.  Beginning in 2018 we gained interest in Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operations and began studying the technologies and systems related.  Developing skills and equipment to handle the complex workflows needed to produce high quality commercial deliverables, we began to get serious about what we had to offer to this technology space.  The owner, Joseph Paulette, became FAA Certified May 1st, 2019 and began commercial operations with drone technology.


Joseph Paulette

“Joseph Paulette, became FAA Certified May 1st, 2019 and began commercial operations with drone technology.”